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Why I Joined The People Experience Hub - Ted Hewett

I really wanted to explain “why” I’ve decided to join the People Experience Hub as it has been a fairly wild ride getting here, but one that ultimately landed me exactly where I’m supposed to be.

It’s been a few weeks since I officially joined the team here, and I can honestly say the welcome has been as warm and hospitable as I could have imagined. 

For my first proper piece here, I really wanted to explain “why” I’ve decided to join the People Experience Hub as it has been a fairly wild ride getting here, but one that ultimately landed me exactly where I’m supposed to be.

(I’m a sucker for Simon Sinek’s “Start with why” - more on that another time) 

The Team

I’ve been fortunate enough to know most of the team for a good number of years; Nick, Rob, Savannah and Naomi are all people I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with in the past, and I can confirm this remains the case today.


I wanted to join a business that was filled with passionate experts – a place that I could help mould and shape into a world-class organisation, and with the real focus on client delivery and adding real value to the companies we work with (again, I can confirm this is the case). 

Mostly, I wanted to work with people who make me proud to do what I do. A great indicator of this to me is the fact that the business is a B Corp – no small feat to achieve, but clearly demonstrates that they put their money where their mouth is and actually do the right thing. 

Interestingly, “do the right thing” is one of the values we’ve got here, along with “be brave”, “make it happen” and “dream big”. If these don’t align to my personal values then nothing will.

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The Tech

Survey platforms come in all shapes and sizes, and having watched several HR technology companies grow and scale one thing that was at odds a lot was the technology itself. 

The fact that The People Experience Hub was conceived and designed by practicing HR professionals (rather than tech folk who pivot into the space) adds a layer of credibility and censurability I’ve never seen before in a provider.

The stuff works. Really works. Whether it’s sentiment analysis reporting, UX for respondents, or demographic filters for results – the platform performs time and time again. 

This added in with a huge focus on accessibility (as someone with bad dyslexia this hits hard for me) then what we’ve got is an industry leading product that literally anyone could use. 

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The  Model

My passion for years has been helping businesses improve their working environments; I still think about the Reward Gateway mission: “Make the world a better place to work” as a core belief and guiding star of mine. 

When I first entered the world of work, I had a less than amazing experience, and while it certainly wasn’t dreadful, I knew it had to be better, and I set out to create teams and experiences for people that I wish I’d had.

But how do you actually do that? Great technology is an enabler of this type of transformation (whether that’s benefits, recognition, or even surveys), but it isn’t the thing in and of itself. What’s needed is a clear route with steps to be taken and measures to say when you’ve got there. And that’s exactly what I've found at the People Experience Hub.

The framework – PX3 – is designed to measure an employee's felt experience, compare it to their perceived environment, that lead to observable outcomes. In a nutshell, it moves your survey methodology away from data gathering and into predictive analytics, with different levers to pull and strategies to help you get there.

I’m really proud of this work; a blending of science and experience that is finally putting power in HRs hands. 

Thanks for taking a minute to read this; I’ll sign off in the same way I do most of my communications, with a tagline that seems to have stuck with me (you’ll hear this from me a lot if you follow me on LinkedIn):

Have an awesome day, and be excellent to each other ✌️

Find out more about my role and what I do in my Q&A blog.

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