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Proud to Partner with PTHR

Now at the tail-end of 2023, the 2 Northamptonshire-based, Certified BCorporations and Living Wage organisations are working in partnership to help boost the experience of work. The goal is to enable people, culture, learning and work to be more humanised, collective, evidence-based, prosperous and flourishing.

Established in 2012, People & Transformational HR Ltd (PTHR) is a purpose-driven HR, OD, and Change consultancy committed to creating a "Better business for a better world."

In 2018, The People Experience Hub introduced a user-friendly employee feedback platform aimed at helping organisations achieve success through a positive work experience.

Now, at the end of 2023, these two Northamptonshire-based organisations, both Certified BCorporations and advocates of living wages, have joined forces to enhance the experience of work and promote humanisation, collaboration, evidence-based practices, prosperity, and growth.

The People Experience Hub delivers data, insights and wisdom about how people feel about their work. Beyond engagement, the platform gives analysed accounts of what really matters to people.

PTHR’s consulting offer is to evolve organisation design and operating models so that teams transform and people flourish in their work.

The common ground for these two enterprises lies in their belief in practices that provide meaningful insights, the psychology behind sustainable change and performance, a deeper understanding of progressive work systems, and a more participatory approach for individuals to shape their destiny within 21st-century organisations.

Nick Court - Director and CEO of The People Experience Hub said “Some things just make sense don’t they? Bringing together Px3™ and HR 3.0 is one of those things! As is the partnership of two amazing B-Corps working together to make the world of work better for those experiencing it first hand and those designing it.

I have admired the work that Perry and the team do for a long time and I am incredibly excited to be able to work shoulder-to-shoulder on projects in the future – we will become better and this partnership will open up a whole new dimension for our joint clients”

“We’re so synergised on our respective aspirations and purpose, and yet so different in our product lines, this makes absolute sense. To join forces from our distinct perspectives of people science, data and insight from The People Experience Hubs services and the applied systems thinking and sustainable cultures we create at PTHR, feels like a most natural of collaborations.  Our newly cast work on HR’s future operating model - HR 3.0 - gives us an unwavering belief that a platform like Px3 from The People Experience Hub team, gives us all the data we need to set above transforming the people profession - and thereby work - in ways that are congruent and aligned for success” said Perry Timms - Founder, Director and Chief Energy Officer of PTHR.

“With our clear sustainability aims and experience-enhancing deliverables, we’re more excited than ever to bring to the world of work our combined PX Hub and PTHR energies for people to design their working futures, now,” said Kirsten Buck - Chief Futures Officer at PTHR.

Katy, Catalina and Maddy from TeamPTHR are thrilled to say that we can now both offer “real-time information on the state of play and possibilities, for more cohesive and coherent ways to work with our clients, as we formulate the best possible solutions to their problems and the best possible chances of successfully achieving their ambitions”.

“We are super excited to be partnering with the incredible team at PTHR! We know that what we do adds real value and insights for our clients, but together we can bring so much more to create great workplaces!” here from PXHubbers"


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