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If you have run an Employee Feedback survey of any kind, you know that what you do next matters. Our Action Planning Module helps you navigate your survey actions and empower managers and leaders to make a difference, and best of all it's FREE FOREVER for all of our clients.

The People Experience


Of HR Professionals said that Poor Technology limits their ability to act *Data from our State of the People Profession survey


Said that building Employee Engagement was a strategic priority for their organisation


Say that lack of collaboration stopped them delivering strategic goals

Taking Action on Survey Results is Critical for Employee Engagement

Bridge the gap between feedback and change with our Action Planning Module

✅ Seamlessly integrate survey data with powerful action plans
✅ Set clear objectives and assign tasks to yourself and your teams
✅ Monitor progress over time - see your action plans come to life
Free Forever! (because we believe that you cannot run an Employee Survey and not take action)

A group of people standing around a desk with images of action plans
Action Planning is Always Free

Our Action Planning Module is included free on all of our plans, because we believe that taking action on employee feedback is essential

Take Action On Employee Feedback

Select the Survey, index and questions that you are going to take action against, set yourself goals and what success looks like all in our platform.

Assign Actions and Tasks

Create tasks and assign actions to your team from your survey results to ensure that responding to employee feedback is a team sport

Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress Actions and Tasks have statuses and due dates, so you can see what has been completed, what's up next and what is in progress. With our Updates feed, you can give meaningful updates on the action for all to read.

Watch Our Action Planning Video to Find out More

Find out how you can start to take action on your employee feedback with our Action Planning module:


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The How

Complete Guide to Running Employee Surveys: Part 4 - Action

The Why

Find out Why Taking Action is Important

Ready to Take Action?

Don't let poor technology get in the way of taking action on your peoples feedback!

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