Measuring The Moments That Matter

Introducing Moments, a revolutionary approach to understanding and improving your employees' experiences during the key events that truly matter. Say goodbye to generic pulse surveys and say hello to a hyper-personalised, automated approach that captures feedback when it matters the most.

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What is Moments by The People Experience hub?

Moments is an automated approach to understanding key events across the employee lifecycle to improve the employee experience.

The idea of Moments is based on the ‘Moments That Matter’ to an employee and understanding these rather than simply sending a regular pulse survey to all employees.

By understanding these moments, you can build a picture of what’s going on across the employee lifecycle to improve the experience of these key events.

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What are Moments that Matter?

While our Lifecycle Surveys give you rich data on events like Joining and Leaving, Moments takes this to the next level. We think about Moments across the entire employee journey with you, things like being promoted, receiving recognition or coming back from parental leave. Across your employee journey you will recognise many moments, and our solution allows you to define as few or as many as you want. Here are some examples:


Recognition has a huge influence on Employee Engagement, So, it makes sense to measure how effective, timely and appropriate the recognition you give is.

Ultimately, how did it make the person feel?

Internal Promotion

New Job, Who dis?

This is a huge moment for someone in your organisation! They have been promoted to a new role, how is that going for them, do they feel support and enabled to deliver a great job?


Moving Teams

Someone is changing teams, maybe they are moving to a new location, and this feels like you should manage this as closely as if they were a new joiner.

Has the process gone smoothly, did they feel you did a great job?

Having a Baby

Gaining Insight into New Parents' Feelings Throughout Their Journey Allows You to Offer Timely and Heartfelt Support During Crucial Moments.

Missing the Mark, However, Can Be Costly...


Supporting Adoptive Parents: Walking alongside them through this transformative experience can enable you to offer crucial assistance in their unique parental journey.


Meeting Bereaved Employees Where They Are: By understanding the emotional and practical needs of those coping with loss, employers can provide valuable support and flexibility, leading to stronger bonds and a more connected workplace.

How Easy is it to Start Measuring the Moments that Matter?

Good News! It is Super Easy!

✅ We will work with you to Map the Journey and understand the experiences you want to measure

✅ The Moments Engine in The People Experience Hub can connect with almost any modern HR systems to help automate the process

✅ Start Measuring the Moments!

You will now be able to explore data through your dashboards and downloads and start seeing which moments need work and which you are managing well!


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Download our Moments E-Book

Download our Moments E-Book to find out more about how measuring the moments that matter will change the way you think about employee feedback

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Are You Ready for The Future of Employee Listening?

When you are asked, "how are we doing?" can you answer - In the moments when it matters most we are doing a good job for our people? Not sure? Book a demo and start measuring the moments that matter

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