Frequently Asked Questions

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The People Experience

Functionality & Platform

Can we add our own questions?

Our survey design process allows you to create custom questions with a range of answer options. If you need inspiration, our question bank can point you in the right direction. (We will provide support to ensure that what you measure is aligned with your people strategy, and if you need continuity we can work with questions from previous surveys).

Can we customise the Analytics?

We can report on any demographics you include in your hierarchy, meaning all your analytics dashboards will be bespoke to you. You can also export data out of the platform to use in external reports.

Can our managers access their own results?

Yes, manager access is something that is part of our package. You decide whether you want to open up access to all managers, limit it to managers of a certain level, or keep access within HR.

Do we have to be experts in people analytics to make the most of it?

Definitely not. We make every effort to make our dashboards easy-to-use, informative and accessible. If there’s a view that you want, we can help you customise them too.

When will we get our survey results?

You can actually start monitoring your results as soon as the survey is open, and your final dashboards will be ready within hours of your survey closing.

How do you benchmark results?

While we firmly believe that the best ‘benchmark’ is how you’re delivering against your own people strategy and desired culture, which is why we provide tailored surveys, we understand that benchmarking is important to some clients. We therefore provide internal benchmarking of different organisational units against the whole organisation’s score at an index (theme) and question level and external benchmarking, against our client database, at an index level.

Do you have a model of engagement that you work with?

Employee Engagement and its measurement is a challenging topic, with many different models in use. For this reason we agree with the CIPD, that we should treat Employee Engagement as a broad ‘umbrella’, which we describe as the People Experience. We use three levels to guide conversations with clients about what’s important to you, which are the Perceived Environment, Felt Experience and Observable Outcomes.


What support options are offered for clients?

We take people data seriously. That is why we are GDPR compliant and ISO27001 accredited allowing you to have full confidence your data is safe.

How do I access support?

Every new client is taken through an onboarding process that is tailored to your situation and plans and includes training for your core users. After that, you and your users will be able to raise tickets in our service centre, while your superusers (normally HR) will have a dedicated client success manager who will ensure that you are getting the most from our platform.

Will we be given training on the platform beforehand?

Absolutely! Your dedicated account manager will arrange training for you, in a format that suits your users. This may be face to face or via webinars. Our support site is also handy for a quick refresher on things you have forgotten how to do.

How can you help us increase survey participation rates?

We can help you to increase your participation rates by providing practical advice based on our extensive experience of running surveys and, if you prefer, even producing materials such as posters and video to help you communicate your survey.

Can you support multiple languages?

Yes, any translations that you need can be accommodated. Simply let us know when requesting a quote and we will take care of it.

What support do you give to help us develop insights?

As a minimum you will have the opportunity to have a session with a member of our People Science team to help you draw insights and implications from your dashboards. However, it is more common for us to provide tailored support, for example running a further workshop with your executive team or focus groups to better understand specific trends. Please discuss your requirements with our sales team.

How do you support action planning?

We currently support action planning by providing support materials and templates for leaders and managers working with their own teams. We can, however, provide more extensive support upon request. It will be possible for managers and superusers to capture actions directly on The People Experience Hub from this Autumn.

Can we brand our surveys?

Yes, absolutely. We can style your surveys to your brand colours and fonts, and add your logo.

Security & Data Protection

Are survey responses anonymous?

Yes, all survey responses are anonymous. Our platform reports data based on demographic information rather than individual information. We also do let people view any demographic data where there are not at least 5 respondents (we can set a higher level if the client wishes)

Is our data secure?

We take people data seriously. That is why we are GDPR compliant and ISO27001 accredited allowing you to have full confidence your data is safe.


Do we have to take all of the modules from your platform?

While you will be better placed to maximise the value that you get from employee feedback if you take the full platform (annual, pulse, lifecycle and 360 feedback) we will be happy to quote for a single module or combination.

Are we tied into a contract?

When we quote for you we will offer the possibility of a single year or multi-year contract with up-front or direct debit payment. It is completely up to you, though may be able to offer a more attractive price for a multi-year commitment.

How do I arrange a demo?

If you would like to speak to us, simply fill in this short form and we will be in touch.