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Our employee wellbeing surveys delve deep into understanding the various aspects affecting your employees' mental, physical, financial, and social wellbeing. Allowing you to see exactly how you can support your peoples wellbeing and more sustainable business performance.

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1 in 4 employees say that they have suffered from mental health issues at work.

In a recent study, 75% said that they had felt stressed at work.

Psychological Wellbeing

1 in 8 employees said that they are currently suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder

27% of all work absences in the UK can be attributed to physical health issues.

Physical Wellbeing

1 in 5 employees say that financial worries impact the performance & quality of their work

25% of employees stated that they struggle to pay their living costs each month.

Financial Wellbeing

Poor social skills & self-worth can be linked directly to reduced physical & psychological wellbeing

Loneliness & poor social connections are as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day

Social Wellbeing

Why Run an Employee Wellbeing Survey?

Understanding Employee Wellbeing is a hot topic today and not surprisingly your people expect that you will support their Wellbeing while they are at work. We have moved on from Employee Benefits driving the Employee Wellbeing approaches at work, so you need to ensure the data you have is great.

Use your wellbeing budget efficiently​

If you’re not using data to drive wellbeing spend you may be wasting money on initiatives that don’t deliver The results that you are looking for.

Personalise your wellbeing offer

Drive better wellbeing outcomes​

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We Work with the Best to Deliver Exceptional Employee Wellbeing Solutions

Zeno are the Wellbeing experts and we are the Employee Feedback Experts - Together we ensure that your Employee Wellbeing solutions deliver.

We’re here to energise people, places and cultures.
We’re award-winning health and wellbeing experts that bring together innovative tech and wellness programmes that are backed by behaviour change science and elite sport.

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