Transform your People Experience

From strategy to implementation, we will help you build a culture that delivers for your people and for your business, elevating performance and Wellbeing.

The People Experience

Why Partner with us?

We bring deep expertise and experience in world-leading organisations, that will help you get under the skin of your skin of your organisation and create sustainable change.

What we do

We offer a range of consultancy services that will help you to transform your people experience, build engagement, enable performance and support wellbeing.

Employee Research

Do you have a gnarly people problem that you want to understand better? A strategic initiative that needs data and insights to support it? We can do qualitative and qualitative research to provide you with clarity and direction.

We use a Range of Methods to help Deliver Quantitative and Qualitative Employee Insights:

Focus Groups:

Focus Groups help you get relatively quick insights from a diverse range of employees, perhaps enriching survey data or confirming insights from interviews.  


Qualitative Interviews enable you go a deeper, to fully explore a theme or challenge, often in more difficult or sensitive areas, and develop precise insights. 

Bespoke Surveys

We can build a fully bespoke survey to quantify or test qualitative insights, or to understand where to dig deeper for insight. 

Statistical Analysis

Using the right analyses ensures that your insights are robust and enable you to make decisions with greater confidence. 

People Analytics Capability

People Analytics is a critical part of a modern, evidence-based HR function, but getting started on your journey can be difficult. We can help you to understand what’s possible, and build a roadmap that’s realistic to your ambitions and needs. 

A picture of a Laptop with a heatmap and 3 people around a survey example

Strategy Development

We can help you to develop a compelling vision for your people function or employee experience, consider the building blocks and plan a route to successful implementation.

People Strategy

How do you align all of your people goals under one, overarching vision, that’s compelling to your people and your key stakeholders?

Employee Experience Strategy

Experience Design and Mapping

Change Management and Communications

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Our Approach


We’re interested in your people challenges and how they affect your business. We’ll dig a little deeper, try something new, to help you overcome them. 


We’ll work with you and your team to create solutions that work for you. Of course, we’ll bring our thinking and challenge yours, but change is a collaborative effort. 


We’re not rigid or dogmatic. We’ll work with the constraints that you have, and figure out a plan that delivers the most business value. 


Too often, consultancy leaves little behind that enables the client to build on their work. We’re here to make you successful, and enable you to take things further. 

Get Even More From Your Surveys

While we aim to deliver insightful employee surveys and help you to take meaningful action, sometimes you might need a bit more support to go further and transform your people experience. Some of the additional services we provide include:

Qualitative Insights:

Focus Groups or Interviews can help you gig a bit deeper into your survey results, validate your insights or explore more challenging or difficult issues sensitively.  

People Analytics Capability

If you’re taking your first steps to making People Analytics a bigger part of your HR capability, or want to raise your game, we can help. 

People and Experience Strategy

We can help you to develop a compelling, coherent vision of the future that will engage key stakeholders and colleagues. 

Experience Design and Mapping

Turn your strategy and insights into improvements to processes, policies, systems and environment. 

Change Management and Communications

Ensure that you don’t fall at the last hurdle, and make sure that your people experience transformation deliver results

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