We're a B-Corp Business!

In November 2021, The People Experience Hub became a certified B-Corp but, our B-Corp journey started a long time before that! We are an organisation with a purpose and, our purpose is to transform the experience of people at work.

The People Experience

What B-Corp means

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Why we got certified

We align with a societal purpose, embracing B Corp Certification for its recognition of high-performance, accountability, and transparency, enabling us to positively impact communities.

Our Future Goals

Our priorities: expanding employee ownership, meeting financial objectives, enhancing client services, and collaborating with our facilities provider to enhance office sustainability.

Overall B Impact score

Our business isn’t hugely different since we got accredited as a B-Corp as we always lived the B-Corp values but there are some things that have changed.

We are part of a wider community

Doing good in the world in which you operate is the right thing to do! But, when you do it as part of a global community it feels easier, it feels like you are part of something bigger. It feels like when you have a problem to solve there is someone else going through the same thing or someone that has already done it.

I feel like the other B-Corps have our back, and we have theirs.

A screenshot of our overall B impact score regarding our B-CORP certification

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