Employee Engagement Surveys to Transform the People Experience

Empower your team to take action where it matters most with our easy-to-use, highly flexible, and fully customisable Employee Engagement module designed to meet your unique needs and objectives. Boost employee engagement through valuable insights on your peoples needs and aspirations, fostering a more connected and motivated workforce

The People Experience

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Get the full Picture with an Employee Engagement Survey

Improve your workplace culture by taking a deep dive into the whole organisation, with our user-friendly Employee Engagement surveys, offering flexibility, customisation, and actionable analytics.

✅ Tailor surveys to suit your needs
✅ Intuitive user experience
✅ Quick, understandable analytics for immediate action

🚀Elevate employee experience with our cutting-edge  Px3™ Survey and explore the elements that make up a great Employee Experience

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Boost Employee Engagement with our Annual Survey Module

Customisable and Flexible

Our platform fits your needs, not the other way around Use your own tone of voice, and ask questions in your way to get data and insights so you can make a difference for your people Personalise surveys and emails with your brand colours and logo to enhance the experience

Anonymous and Confidential

Anonymity and confidentiality take centre stage! We provide a safe space for your team to voice their opinions, by ensuring responses are confidential! This means that your people can be honest and open. Our survey anonymity and confidentiality features allow you to build trust, giving you genuine insights into employee experiences at work.

Real Time Dashboards and Insights Reports

You can discover what's working and what's not, no waiting around! See survey results presented in a way that will make sense to everyone in your organisation. It's all about instant understanding and quick actions to keep improving your people’s experiences. Of course if you want bespoke reports to present insights and data - we've got your back!

Benchmarking and Trends

Stay ahead with Benchmarking and Trends! With internal benchmarking, learn from the best in your organisation. Peek at external comparisons too, and see where you stand against our client group. Track progress over time with trend analysis, fueling continuous growth and learning

Built to Reach ALL Your People

Our platform is built to reach ALL Your People! Deskless workers included. With QR codes, posters, and system links, we bring surveys to everyone. No email? No problem. Just visit a URL, enter a code, and participate. Engage every team member, wherever they work.

Ai Powered Sentiment Analysis

Unlock the power of AI with Sentiment Analysis. Our AI reads and organises feedback into categories like negative, neutral, or positive and sifts out key themes. No more trudging through mountains of feedback, just meaningful, actionable insights.

Start your Journey to Awesome Employee Engagement

Our team are ready to take you through our platform, services and how we can help you create an environment where people thrive (not just survive!)

We Make it Easy to Design, Launch and Analyse Employee Engagement Surveys

We've got your back!

Our Client Success team are here to make sure your Employee Engagement survey launches, lands, and completes seamlessly.

In turn, they are supported by our People Science, Data, Insights and Project teams so can trust that your people data is accurate and valuable at all times.

Project Kick Off and Planning

We'll take you through the whole process, make sure that roles and responsibilities are clear, build the plan to take you through your survey(s) and make sure you're set up correctly.

Survey Design

We'll help make sure that your survey is structured well and avoids some of the more common pitfalls, co-ordinating with the People Science team if you are using our bespoke survey design service.

People Data

Getting your People Data right is essential for a successful survey. We'll work with you to make sure that your data is clean, well structured (for reporting) and is kept safe and secure (whether you use an API or manual load).


We'll support and advise you to ensure maximimum participation in your survey, by identifying and removing barriers, and looking at different deployment methods such as QR codes.


Communication is also critical to a successful survey. We can support you by providing digital assets such as posters and videos, to make sure that you reach all of your people.

Training and Support

Whether it's for your HR super users to manage your own surveys or for managers to access dashboards and action planning, we've got training and support covered.

Reporting and Action

At the end of the survey, we'll spend time with you walking through your results, helping you to make sense of them and to take action. If you're using Px3, this will be with our People Science team.

Don't just take our word for It...

"We have set out a strategy that focuses on getting really close to the human experience at BKL and we needed a partner that shares our passion for colleague experience and has a tool to help us measure it and more importantly move it forward.

That's why we chose The People Experience Hub because they think beyond a one off engagement survey to help us measure and drive every moment that matters"

Greg McCaw - Chief People officer, BKL

What to Expect from us when you run an Employee Engagement Survey

A Flexible, Easy and Secure Platform

We take the pain out of running Employee Engagement Surveys with our easy-to-use platform. And rest assured that we're fully secure and GDPR compliant.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Our flexible platform includes a range of employee feedback tools, all of which are customisable to meet your needs. Use our questions or write your own, with our without our support… it’s your choice.

Easy to use

Clear and actionable analytics

Secure and GDPR compliant

End to end Support

Our Client Success team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your employee survey delivers for you.​

Asking great questions

We’ll ensure that you’re focused on the right things – as defined by your strategic and cultural context – then help you ask precise, meaningful survey questions.

Driving response rates

Turning data into actionable insights​

Additional Solutions

The People Experience Hub is split into modules for simplicity, so you can add, remove, or replace any module. Speak to our customer service team to find out more.


Keep your finger on the pulse


Measure the Moments that Matter

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