Empowering Users: Explore the Capabilities of The People Experience Hub

A Comprehensive Suite of Tools for Customisation, Enhanced Accessibility, Seamless Collaboration & Advanced Analytics that allow you to develop awesome employee feedback surveys, take action and transform the experience for people at work

The People Experience

Accessibility Features and Functionality

Ensuring that your Surveys and Tech are accessible to as many people as possible

Dyslexia Friendly

Survey recipients can select different fonts including "Open Dyslexic" a font designed for screen use that supports people with Dyslexia to take part in our surveys. 10% of people are dyslexic

Colourblind Friendly

Choose the colour palette of heatmaps that is right for you, we support the 12% of males and 1% of females who are colour-blind and offer our heatmaps in monochromatic (white through to dark blue) and high contrast (Red to Blue)

Multi-Language in Platform

Our admin platform has the following languages; English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian and Chinese built into the admin settings

All Languages Supported

We support any language you want for your surveys, our client success team can work with you to get these added and if your people are using Chrome and have a default language set that we support, their survey will automatically appear in that language - no need for them to select their language!

Built to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA guidelines

We use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines V2.1 level A and level AA to test how accessible our technology is. We used the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM) approach to decide on a sample of pages to test.

We use several third-party accessibility testing solutions alongside our internal testing.

Accessibility for Deskless Workers

QR codes, posters and links on other systems let us point deskless workers to their survey. We can use a standard URL so people do not need an email address they can simply go to the URL, enter a code and take part.

Asking Questions in the Right Way

We have a suite of options when asking questions in a survey

Benchmarkable Questions

Chose from a list of Benchmarkable questions to allow you to carry out External Benchmarking of your survey

Question Routing/Branching

Question routing or branching enables tailored survey experiences by intelligently guiding respondents through a dynamic set of questions based on their prior answers. This allows for a streamlined, relevant, and engaging feedback process for all participants.

Flipped Scoring

Flip Question Scoring lets you take a normal scale, E.g. Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree, and flip the scores around so that Strongly Agree would be a low scoring response. This lets you ask questions in a more human manner for example, "I find myself exhausted at the end of the working day"

Edit any Question

Tailor our standard questions to your organisation voice, ask questions using words and phrases that will be familiar to your people

Create your own Questions

Create your own questions and start building up a bank of your own questions

Survey Templates

Run surveys using our pre-built templates that are quick to deploy, editable and allow you to add your own questions if you want

Multiple Response Methods

Of course you can use the Likert Scale with over 10 different options for responses, (e.g. Agreement, Frequency, Satisfaction)

You can also use, Multi Select, Yes/No, Free Text and Drop Down Lists

Signpost with Statement Pages

Add a Statement Page at any point in the survey, to explain what is coming up and why, or to signpost people to internal support and resources.

Capture Demographics

Using our Demographic Questions you can capture Diversity data from survey recipients that automatically are added to charts and filters, giving you rich data to explore Diversity and Inclusion with.

Question Bank

Struggling to write the right question? why not explore our question bank - just like Google for Survey questions

Open Text and Exploring Comments Features

Making it easier to gain insights from open text questions

AI Powered Sentiment Analysis

Our Ai powered text analysis comes in, it reads the text and categorises this into Sentiment (Negative, Neutral, positive)

AI Powered Theme Analysis

Our Ai powered text analysis gives you thematic categorisation which pulls out the themes from your open text questions

Key Word Triggers

Set up any Key Word Triggers that are important to you (Culture, Inclusion, Safety etc) and when a word is used this will be flagged in your survey dashboard

Filter and Search Comments

In your dashboards you can filter your comments and search for any word of phrase

Export Text Comments

In your dashboard you can export your open text responses to a spreadsheet to allow you to explore this data further or use your own business intelligence tools.

Security Features

Security as a Standard, built at the heart of what we do

ISO27001 Certified

The People Experience Hub Ltd is ISO27001 certificated and audited annually by Citation – next audit date: 24th March 2024

Cyber Essentials Certified

The People Experience Hub Ltd is Cyber Essentials certificated and audited annually by IT Governance – next audit date: 2nd February 2024

Monthly Vulnerability Testing

The People Experience Hub Ltd engage with a third party to carry out monthly vulnerability testing on our platform.

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Registered

The People Experience Hub Ltd is registered under the Data Protection Act through the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), with the registration number ZA757641

Employee Training

All employees carry out annual Information Security training as part of their role, covering topics such as GDPR, ISO27001, Social Hacking, Data Storage and handling. We engage a third party (IT Governance) to supply this training.

Encryption of Data in Transit

All data is encrypted in transit using the following encryption protocol and algorithm: TLS over HTTPs - RSA SHA-256

Encryption of Data at Rest

All data is encrypted at rest using the following encryption protocol and algorithm: Encrypted using RSA SSA-512, then Hashed with Salt of 10 rounds

Password Encryption

Passwords are encrypted in transit using the following encryption protocol and algorithm: TLS over HTTPs - RSA SHA-256

All passwords are Encrypted and then Hashed

Two Factor Authentication (MFA)

This allows you to put another layer of security for admin users of The People Experience Hub, they will be asked to enter a code that is emailed to them as well as using their username and password

Single Sign On

Allow your admin users to access The People Experience Hub with their Microsoft 365 or G-Suite credentials with our Single Sign On functionality. Or use Okta SAML SSO to sign on from partner applications.

Reduce the amount of passwords and login details your people need and control user access simply and quickly.

Survey Anonymity and Confidentiality of responses

Survey anonymity and confidentiality are pivotal to securing genuine responses

The People Experience Hub maintains stringent privacy measures by only showing dashboards where we have demographic groups of 5 or more responses. This ensures individual answers cannot be singled out, preserving participant anonymity and promoting unbiased insights.

Role Based Access Controls

Manage users into Super Users, Admin Users, Managers and Survey Recipients with ease, giving access to only the areas of the platform they need and not seeing sensitive employee data if they do not need it

Restricted Filters

You can set global filters and dashboard filters for users who have access to dashboards so they only see the filterable areas that you want them to see

Connect with your People Systems with our API

Our API allows you to connect The People Experience Hub with your HR or People Systems (HRIS) - reducing the need for spreadsheets and ensures that you are in control of where your data is being held and fulfilling your Data Protection obligations.