Px3™ The Elements of a Great People Experience

Unleash the science around what makes a great People Experience. Start using our AI tools and Predictive Analytics to see exactly what is driving positive people outcomes so you can take action where it matters most.

The People Experience

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The Future of Employee Listening!

Surveys that focus too heavily on the scores and lack an underlying framework have left organisations with too much data and not enough insight to generate meaningful action. And surveys that don’t lead to action are, simply, a waste of money.

The three elements of our Px3 framework

What is Px3™?

Px3™ is the unique framework created by The People Experience Hub to allow you to measure how your people think and feel about work and what impact that has on people outcomes.

The framework for Px3™ has three levels


🌍 The Perceived Environment


❣️ The Felt Experience


🎯 People Outcomes


These are the building blocks of The People Experience; you can design your feedback solutions using the specific elements that are important to you.

Periodic table elements with words describing Employee Engagement in front of a smiling man using an iPad showing a screenshot of The People Experience Hub

The Perceived Environment

The Perceived Environment represents the directly manageable elements of the people experience, such as management and leadership practices, teamwork, communication, people and wellbeing practices, organisational effectiveness and sustainability. Think of these as the levers you can pull to make improvements.

The Felt Experience

The Felt Experience focuses on people’s basic human needs and whether they are being met at work. This helps you think beyond employee engagement and consider how your people feel or are impacted by their environment. The core elements of this level include: Autonomy, belonging, connection, enjoyment, growth, purpose.

People Outcomes

This is where we encourage you to consider what really matters to your organisation, in its strategic context. What behaviours do you want to see? What does performance or engagement look like here? Are people thriving, coping or burning out?

Drive Success with Actionable Insights: Unleash the Power of your Bespoke Report

We take a consultative approach to provide you with actionable insights through our comprehensive report system. Your reports will empower you with valuable information, guiding you towards the next steps to drive success in your organisation.


Supercharge your decision-making process with a report that will contain:


💪Your strengths and areas for improvement
🦋Opportunities for further exploration and suggested pulse questions
🎯Tangible changes and recommended actions you can implement

Statistical Analysis to Explore Organisational Chemistry

Px3™ gets its richness from using predictive analytics to visualise the flow from the Perceived Environment, through the Felt Experience to People Outcomes. This flow works both ways too, meaning we can start with a desired people outcome (retention for example) and understand what elements of the Percieved Environment and Felt Experience need to be tweaked to make improvements.

Statistical Analysis to Explore Organisational Chemistry

Visualising the People Experience

Px3™ uses predictive analytics to visualise the flow from the Perceived Environment, through the Felt Experience to People Outcomes.

Our visualisations will help you to cut through the complexity of the People Experience, making it easier to understand and provide richer insights that highlight where you can make the biggest difference.

Px3 also enables us to build a more holistic view of your People Experience so that you can:

Get under the skin of people issues

Build a more compelling case for change 

Achieve results through more decisive action

Screenshots of our platform containing product photos such as dashboards and analytics

Pathways shows the whole picture behing the People Experience, enabling people specialists to turn the data into a compelling story and discover different routes to engagement and other outcomes.


Our quadrants visualisation highlights what matters most and where to prioritise your actions as, let’s face it, not everyone is interested in seeing the full richness of the pathway!

Online Dashboards

Our user-friendly survey dashboards help turn complex data into easy-to-understand analytics, enabling you explore, slice and dice results to the demographics and organisational units you're most interested in.

Free Guides & E-books

Want to know more? Download our exclusive Px3 E-book

A flexible framework that enables us to better understand and predict people outcomes, such as employee engagement or wellbeing.



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The Future of Employee Listening!

Surveys that focus only on the scores and lack an underlying framework end up being a confusing mish-mash of results, leaving you with the difficult task of turning these scores into actions. This is just one of the reasons so many Employee Surveys fail to deliver results. Taking action where it will make the most significant impact is ultimately what our framework enables.

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