The Science Behind What We Do

Our People Science team applies organisational psychology and data science to make sure you get actionable insights from your surveys

The People Experience

What Is People Science?

People Science involves applying principles and research from organisational psychology and HR, backed by data science. Our job is to design bespoke employee surveys and generate evidence-based insights that enable you create change that positively impacts your people's experience of work.

How We Work


We apply deep expertise in organisational psychology, alongside our experience working in HR, OD and change, to develop surveys and insights that are robust and evidence-based.

Collaborative partners

However, we also listen and work with you to understand your business context and priorities, to ensure that we're tailoring surveys and developing insights that are relevant. and impactul.

Practical and flexible

While we're rigorous, it's not 'our way or the highway'. We appreciate that the people experience is complex, nuanced and difficult to navigate. Our job is to help make it easier for you to make improvements.


We're not invested in a single model or theory, and our Px3 framework enables flexibility. We're always looking to improve what we do and, with your permission, up for trying new things!

What We Do

Developing an employee listening strategy

Before implementing any employee feedback tools, it's important to know why, what you want to achieve, and how different approaches can help give your employees voice. We'll help you think about what that bigger picture might look like.

Designing bespoke employee surveys

We'll work with you to design surveys that reflect your business context and priorities, that give you joined up insights into your people experience across the lifecycle.

Developing insights

Our approach to insights development goes far beyond producing charts and graphs. We use data science and interpret the results, making concise recommendations to support your strategic action plans.

Facilitating action planning

We're here to help you get from insight to action, by walking key stakeholders through the results and, if desired, facilitating action planning sessions. We support our clients in many ways, from informal coaching to providing materials, to facilitating larger leadership events.

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