Understand why your People Stay... and do it more!

If you want to improve retention then you have to understand why your people stay not just why they leave. Identify what you're doing well that your people value the most

The People Experience

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Understand and Nurture Positive Drivers of Retention

Whilst Exit Interviews often help you to understand negative factors that undermine retention, stay interviews help you understand the positive factors motivating employees to stay. Understanding both will help you to target retention strategies more effectively.

Boost your Employee Value Proposition

Identify the things that you are doing well, that your people value most, and keep ‘the deal’ relevant. Enabling you to know if your EVP is working for you and your people

Develop a More Targeted Management Approach

Make Sure People Are Staying For The Right Reasons

understand and develop your culture

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Employee Retention

The Insights Behind Employee Retention

Knowing why people leave is great; you can start to put actions in place to slow down attrition – but understanding why people stay is essential too.

Understanding what drives retention in your business lets you focus on the things that you can control and know that you are driving the outcome you are looking for – Employees who will stay, thrive and deliver with you.

From our research we have identified 8 key environmental factors that drive retention and you can explore these in our free download by using the link below:


Start Using a Data Driven Approach to Tackle Employee Retention

Our Team are experts in helping you understand your people, their motivations and intentions, you can start to understand why people stay in your organisation and put a strategy in place to do it more!

Unleash The Full Potential Of The Employee Journey

Our Lifecycle Surveys optimise the entire people experience to improve employer brand, retain top talent, and unleash full potential.

Candidate Experience Surveys

Get feedback on your hiring process to enable you to improve the candidate experience and enhance your employer brand at the start of their journey with you

Candidate Experience Surveys

New Joiner Surveys

Make joining the start of something special! Build engagement and advocacy from day one, by continuously improving the joiner experience. Get your relationship with new joiners off to the best possible start by acting on their feedback.

New Joiner Surveys

Exit Interviews

Improve retention, build advocacy among your leavers and enhance your employer brand by using exit interviews. Automated and simple to start using in days!

Exit Interviews

A Flexible, Easy and Secure Platform

Our platform is user-friendly and fully secure, ensuring GDPR compliance. Rest easy knowing that unleashing the full potential of your team is a collaborative effort that we are committed to making a success.

💪 Flexible to meet your needs whether you require a question bank or space to write freely

Easy to use platform focusing on the customer experience

📊 Clear and actionable insights that are available in real-time, so managers can drill down and start taking action without delay

🔒 Secure with ISO27001 standards and GDPR compliant

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End to end Support

We're committed to ensuring that you Employee Feedback process delivers the best possible results. We will help you ask the right questions and take necessary steps to get the most from candidate feedback and deliver a great experience.

Asking great questions​

We’ll ensure that you’re focused on the right things – as defined by your strategic context – then help you ask precise, meaningful survey questions.​

Driving response rates

We can you communicate the importance of your survey, in an engaging way, and remove any potential barriers to uptake. ​ ​

Turning data into actionable insights​

We are experienced in interpreting survey results, in their strategic context, performing deeper analyses and facilitating focus groups and action planning.​​​​

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