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Unlocking Engagement through Purpose: Finding Meaning in Work

Purpose is a powerful tool for improving employee engagement and driving continuous improvement and change within organisations.

Unlocking Engagement through Purpose: Finding Meaning in Work 

In the world of HR, employee engagement is the holy grail. It's what we all strive for - a workforce that is motivated, fulfilled, and productive. 

But how do we achieve this elusive goal? 

One key factor that has a profound impact on employee engagement is a sense of purpose at work.  

When people understand their purpose and how they fit within the organisational context, Their behaviours change, they are more engaged, and become continuous improvement & change ambassadors. 

Purpose is a powerful motivator that can help provide meaning, direction, and organisational pride. 

The Power of Purpose 

A sense of purpose doesn't necessarily mean "doing good" in a social or moral sense. Instead, it means that people understand and buy into their role in delivering the organization's mission. 

It's about connecting their work to something bigger than themselves. 

Our data shows that purpose is a strong driver of engagement, with 71% of employees recognising its importance. 

But there's room for improvement! 

While many employees understand how their job contributes to the goals of the company (85%), fewer find their work meaningful (63%) or get a sense of accomplishment from it (68%). 

Building Engagement through Purpose 

So, how can employers foster a sense of purpose and unlock the full potential of their employees? Here are some key elements to consider: 

1. Clarity of Objectives 

Departmental and company objectives should be clear and easy to understand. When employees have a clear sense of direction, they can align their efforts towards meaningful goals. 

2. Continuous Improvement 

Employees should be enabled to continuously improve ways of working. Encourage a culture of learning and experimentation to keep employees engaged and motivated to make a difference. 

3. Manager Support 

Employees thrive when their line manager cares about them and their wellbeing. Managers play a crucial role in providing guidance, support, and recognition, which enhances employees' sense of purpose. 

4. Wellbeing and Safety 

Supporting employee wellbeing has a big influence on organisational pride. When employees feel that their physical and mental wellbeing is prioritised, they are more likely to feel connected to their work and the organisation. 

Who Influences Purpose More? 

When it comes to influencing purpose, leaders and line managers play significant roles. Our data reveals some interesting insights: 

Support for wellbeing has a big influence on organisational pride. 

Purpose scores drop by 20pp when line management is perceived unfavourably, compared to 13pp for company leadership. 

Building a positive and supportive culture starts from the top down. 

Summary: Focus on Purpose to Boost Engagement 

To foster a sense of purpose and drive employee engagement, employers should focus on: 

Clarifying company objectives and providing employees with a clear sense of direction. 

Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and learning. 

Supporting employee wellbeing and safety. 

Empowering line managers to be supportive and caring leaders. 

By incorporating these elements into your workplace, you can create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and connected to the bigger picture. 

Remember, when people understand their purpose and how they fit within the organisational context, they become ready to make a meaningful impact. 

Take Action: Unlock Engagement through Purpose! 

Ready to unlock the full potential of your workforce through purpose? 

Start by assessing how well your organisation is currently fostering a sense of purpose. Then, use the insights from this blog and our insights report to identify areas for improvement. 

Engage with your employees, ask questions, and listen with intent to understand their needs and aspirations. 

By taking action, you can create a workplace where purpose thrives and engagement soars! 

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