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Does Your New Joiner Experience Measure Up?

You've invested time, money and effort to bring in the right employee. How do you make sure your new joiner experience makes them feel good about coming in?

First impressions matter.. ..especially to new joiners

Well done, you have invested time, money, energy and resources to recruit the right person for your business to help it be more profitable, more sustainable and to grow!

It would probably be a good idea to check in with them to see how they are getting on.

Why do you need to understand your new joiner experience?

Well according to a study by Jobvite

  • 30% of new joiners leave in the first 90 days
  • 43% of these say that their role reality did not meet their expectation (See our candidate experience blog)
  • 34% of leavers said there was an incident or a bad experience
  • 32% stated that they did not like the company culture

A new joiner survey gives you fresh eyes

New joiners to your business will be looking at how you do things where you are with new eyes, they won’t have the filters associated with “This is how we have always done things around here” …yet.

So, this is a great opportunity for you to get some feedback about your business, so you can continually think about your work design.

Avoid decision regret

When expectation does not meet reality, your new employee will likely feel a level of decision regret, there is some evidence that shows that when individuals feel regret for the decisions they make they put the blame on themselves for this not on, say, their employer.

Leaving the employer can be a form of taking back control.

But wait, didn’t your talent and recruitment team advertise the role and the culture? Didn’t your hiring manager meet and interview the person face to face and tell them all about the reality of the role?

We measure the candidate experience but measuring the new joiner experience is the natural next step in making sure you have a culture of continual employee feedback, so you can act and ensure that your whole employee lifecycle, and specifically your onboarding process, continues to proved a fab experience!

So, I’m trying to stop my new people leaving?

Yes and no.

You absolutely do not want people to join your business and to leave because the experience they have is a negative one, however not everyone will leave, and employees will find other ways to protest at work. In other words, it''s also about making sure that you don''t add unhappy people to your organisation.

It is all about ensuring the culture you want is the one that you deliver, every day, and there is nothing in the employee journey that gets in the way of this.

Measuring the new joiner experience

Speaking to your newest people makes sense and The People Experience Hub new joiner module allows you to do this quickly and simply.

Breakdown your responses by any of your business and people demographics and start understanding what works and what may still need work!

And if you are also carrying out Leaver surveys then you can see insights into your whole lifecycle - Candidate, Joiner and Leaver - experience via our east-to-read analytics engine.

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