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The Importance of Line Management: Insights from People Experience Insights Report 2023

According to the latest research from The People Experience Hub, line management has a significant impact on employee engagement and satisfaction...

The Importance of Line Management: Insights from People Experience Insights Report 2023 

Are you looking to improve your company's employee experience? 

Look no further than your line managers! 

According to the latest research from The People Experience Hub, line management has a significant impact on employee engagement and satisfaction. 

In this blog are some of the key insights from the report: 

The Impact of Line Management on Felt Experience Scores 

We looked at Felt Experience scores (How people feel at work, their motivations and emotions) when Line Management is viewed favourably and unfavourably, the biggest differences are in Autonomy (by some way), Enjoyment and Growth. 

A good line manager motivates their people through autonomy by trusting them to get on with the job, giving them opportunities to influence their work, and showing that their opinion matters. 

The Role of Line Management in Engagement 

Engagement scores when Line Management is Perceived Favourably and Unfavourably are significantly impacted. 

When an immediate manager cares about their team's wellbeing, supports them with the resources they need, is approachable, and listens to and acts on their concerns, they create a more engaged workforce. 

Line Management Elements 

So, what are some of the essential elements of effective line management? 

We asked our People Science team to summarise what line managers can do or the behaviours they should demonstrate if they want to positively drive people outcomes: 

Autonomy: Good line managers trust their team to get the job done right. 

Clear Expectations: Line managers should set clear goals and expectations. 

Support and Resources: Providing the necessary resources to do the job well is essential. 

Active Listening: Listening to and acting on employee concerns is crucial for building trust and engagement. 

Respect: Treating employees with respect is necessary to build a positive and productive workplace culture. 

Tips for Employers wanting to unleash the power of Line Managers 🔥

Based on the above insights, here are some tips for employers looking to improve line management: 

Training and Development: Provide training programs and resources to help line managers develop skills in delegation, empowerment, and trust-building. 

Communication and Goal Setting: Establish a clear line of communication between top management and line managers to ensure that goals and expectations are communicated effectively. 

Regularly review and discuss progress towards goals to provide feedback and ensure clarity. 

Resource Allocation: Ensure that line managers have access to the necessary resources, including adequate staffing, budget, and technology, to effectively manage their teams and achieve their objectives. 

Regularly assess resource needs and address any gaps or constraints. 

Feedback Mechanisms: Implement systems and processes that encourage active listening and feedback. This can include regular team meetings, one-on-one discussions, and employee surveys. 

Line managers should be trained on active listening techniques and encouraged to act on employee concerns and suggestions. 

Leadership Development: Promote a culture of respect and inclusion by providing leadership development opportunities for line managers. 

This can include training on effective communication, conflict resolution, and building positive work relationships. Encourage line managers to lead by example and treat employees with respect and fairness. 

In conclusion, line management is a crucial aspect of employee experience and engagement, and employers should invest in developing effective line managers to improve their organisation's overall performance. 

Remember to prioritise autonomy, set clear expectations, provide support and resources, actively listen to employee concerns, and treat employees with respect. By doing so, you'll create a positive and engaging work environment that leads to better business outcomes.

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