Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a UK-based charity organisation that provides support and opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them to develop skills, confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed in their education, career and personal lives. 

Through various programs and initiatives, Bright Futures aims to provide young people with access to mentoring, tutoring, internships, and other resources that can help them reach their full potential. The organisation also partners with schools, colleges, and employers to create opportunities for young people to learn new skills and gain practical experience. 

An insight into working with us:

"I found the set-up of a new staff survey very straightforward, and the team were easy to do business with.  They participated in our tender process in a very professional way, understanding our requirements as a publicly funded body" 

An opinion on our product and platform:

"Very easy to use whilst doing the survey and also the portal is easy to use to see real-time results and deep dive into the detail" 

- Lynette Beckett, Director of HR and Strategy